What Does 3GB of Cell Phone Data Get You? Straight Talk Wireless Service May Promotions

by Melanie Edwards on May 22, 2014

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As I continue to learn more about my new Straight Talk Wireless service and compare it to the cell phone provider I have had for many years, I am intrigued by the affordable plans Straight Talk provides without the need for a contract. My husband and I are now keeping a close eye on our data usage to see just how much data we each use – we’re wondering if we come close to the 3GB of high speed data that Straight Talk provides with their $45 30-day plan. It honestly doesn’t sound like much, but when broken down, it turns out 3GB of data is actually A LOT! Let me share with you more about just what you can do with that amount of data each month, a few more updates from Straight Talk Wireless, plus a fun promotion they have going on with Walmart this month. Read on so you won’t miss out!

What Does 3GB of Cell Phone Data Get You? Straight Talk Wireless Service

What Does 3GB of Cell Phone Data Get You?

The $45 30-day plan from Straight Talk Wireless includes Unlimited* nationwide talk, text and data (*high speed data for the first 3GB of data use, after which you’ll be reduced to 2G speeds for the remainder of the 30-day cycle). With those 3GB of data, as you can see in the graphic above (click for full-size image), you can easily take advantage of plenty of web browsing, emails, music and video streaming, social media, etc. Keep in mind that this data usage does not include data you use when on WiFi, so if you’re connected to the WiFi at home, school, work, local businesses, etc., any data usage does not count towards your 3GB limit for that month. This page on the Straight Talk Wireless site has more tips for managing your data usage, as well as other details on their data plan.

Walmart In-Store Promotion

All through May, Straight Talk Wireless is hosting an in-store promotion at participating Walmart stores. For every purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Centura or Galaxy Discover from Straight Talk, you will automatically receive a $25 Walmart gift card! The gift card promotion is also available online at Walmart.com, but only with a purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Centura. Additionally, every Saturday in May is Straight Talk Demo Saturdays – visit your local Walmart wireless center to learn more about Straight Talk Wireless with a live demo!

#StraightTalkHere Instagram Contest

Straight Talk Wireless is now on Instagram and to celebrate they are having a fun contest! From now through June 2, 2014 you can enter to win $1,000 and a new Straight Talk device. There’s a new winner each week, so be sure to follow Straight Talk on Instagram via @MyStraightTalk and check out the full contest details.

How much data do you think you use on your phone in a typical month? Don’t forget to share your photo with #StraightTalkHere for the @MyStraightTalk Instagram contest and stop by your local Walmart’s wireless center this coming Saturday for a Straight Talk Wireless demo!

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