Learning About Straight Talk Wireless Service

by Melanie Edwards on May 13, 2014

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I have exciting news to share! Through my participation in the Walmart Moms program, I’ve been asked to join the Straight Talk Testers program for the remainder of the year, which means my household will be testing out two wireless devices using the Straight Talk Wireless service, offered exclusively at Walmart, Walmart.com and StraightTalk.com. We’ve already received our first phone, the iPhone 5s, and will be choosing another phone in the coming months to test out. So, look for a lot of information to come regarding the Straight Talk Wireless service, our findings on using the iPhone 5s and our to-be-determined phone, and how each compare to our current Samsung Galaxy S4 and service provider.

Straight Talk Wireless Service

For now, let me share some general information about how the Straight Talk Wireless service plan works. With Straight Talk’s $45 30-day plan, you get unlimited* nationwide talk, text and data (*high speed data for the first 3GB of data use). Straight Talk also has other service plans available, the details of which you can see on their site. Plus, for just $60, you can get an International plan and have unlimited international calls in your 30-day plan. For families with relatives overseas or even if a family member is planning a trip abroad, that’s a great deal! All of their plans offer an auto-refill option and none require a contract, which is definitely a bonus if you ask me!

Straight Talk Wireless Service Networks

Straight Talk offers a variety of phones for you to choose from, many of the same ones you find with other service providers, including smartphones. Like I said, I was able to pick out the iPhone 5s directly from the Straight Talk website, where all the latest iPhone models were available. There were also various Android phones available to choose from. Additionally, Straight Talk provides the capability to Bring Your Own Phone to their plan, allowing you to keep your current phone number and network provider. You can check if your phone is compatible for Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone program before making the switch.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the iPhone a bit more and testing out the full capabilities of it and the Straight Talk Wireless service. In the short time I’ve had it, I can say that (so far) the wireless service has been comparable to my current network provider. I took the iPhone with me to Walt Disney World for a media event and even when I did not have WiFi capabilities, the 3G service allowed me to access my email, search the Internet, and even upload images to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all at about the same speed as I would have on my own phone with my current network with which I have a contract. Of course, as I continue to test out the full range of the Straight Talk Wireless service over the coming months, you will hear more in future posts.

Have you ever tested out Straight Talk Wireless service for yourself?

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