If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops…

by Melanie Edwards on March 23, 2007

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If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops CoverI received the CD version of If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops… A Collection of Poems. I really enjoyed the topics covered in the poems, ranging from eating vegetables and not liking school to really serious subjects such as being adopted and the birth of a sibling. The poems are fun, catchy, and even humorous at times.

I imagine that the book version of If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops includes some great graphics to go along with each poem, but when listening to poems being read, it can get a bit monotonous at times. I think if more music were incorporated into each reading, it would help. Some music is used, but it’s usually only as an interlude between tracks or as a short introduction to a poem. Exceptions are tracks number 32, 44, and 52, titled A Cause for Celebration, We, and Story Time respectively. These tracks are set to what the CD literature calls “rap music”. I applaud the effort of the performers, The Storycrafters, to mix it up a bit and be hip, but the readings end up sounding like bad PSAs from the early 90s. Track number 44, We, is especially guilty since the topic for this poem is about racial tolerance and getting along with one another.

Nevertheless, If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops, is an innovative approach to introducing children to various aspects of life and would make for a good addition to your children’s CD collection. At the very least, it definitely brings a much welcome change to the likes of The Wiggles, Ralph’s World, and Dan Zanes.

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