Breakfast and Brunch with Tuna or Salmon: Recipes for Your Morning Meal

by Melanie Edwards on December 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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Tuna Egg Scramble from Bumble Bee Foods Source:

Editor’s note: This week, we’ve taken a look at various tuna fish recipes, including tuna recipes for lunch and dinner. But, does anyone eat tuna for breakfast? Check out the recipes I found!

I’m sure when most people think of tuna fish, they immediately think of lunch. I know that’s the first thing that comes to my mind, with dinner being a close second if I think of dishes like tuna casserole. However, I’ve never considered eating tuna for breakfast. Sausage? Sure. Bacon? Of course! Even corned beef has been a part of my breakfast in the past. But, I’ve never had tuna for breakfast.

As I thought about tuna fish lunch recipes and tuna dinner recipes to share with you, I started to wonder if tuna was something anyone ate for breakfast and if there were any tuna breakfast recipes out there. I found out there are indeed a variety of tuna fish and salmon recipes for breakfast or brunch that can make your next morning meal a different, yet delicious one. Check out these fun ideas for adding tuna or salmon to your breakfast!

Tuna Fish and Salmon Breakfast (or Brunch) Recipes

I think the tuna scramble or scrambled eggs with tuna are probably the easiest and simplest ways to introduce tuna fish into your breakfast meals. I am thinking about trying them myself to see how my family likes it.

Have you ever tried tuna fish for breakfast?

Disclosure: modernmami is a member of the Bumble Bee Squad through Bumble Bee Foods.

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1 callie October 11, 2014 at 3:33 pm

that looks so good because im going to a party and i was looking for a brunch since its in the morining but i cant find the ingredents and it sarts tommorow

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