Simple Tuna Fish Appetizer & Lunch Ideas

by Melanie Edwards on December 27, 2012

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Editor’s note: Today’s tuna fish recipe collection takes a look at tuna appetizer and lunch ideas. These recipes can double as either a great party starter or a simple bagged lunch.

We’ve been talking tuna this week and have featured Latino-inspired tuna fish recipes, as well as kid-friendly tuna recipes. But, let’s learn a bit more about tuna fish and its benefits, before diving in for a few tuna appetizer and light lunch ideas!

According to the National Fisheries Institute:

  • Of those Americans who eat canned tuna, the vast majority, 83 percent, eat it for lunch. In fact, canned tuna is the only regularly consumed seafood at lunch.
  • Over one half of canned tuna, 52 percent, is used in sandwiches.
  • Households with children under 18 are about twice as likely to have tuna sandwiches available than households without children.


You see that? 52% of canned tuna is used in sandwiches – but, while that makes a great lunch, you won’t find any tuna sandwiches in this post. Let’s get a little more creative with lunch and see what else we can make with tuna fish. (These recipes make great appetizers too!)

Tuna Fish Appetizer & Lunch Ideas

What is your favorite creative way to eat tuna fish for lunch or as an appetizer?

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