Beyond the Tuna Sandwich: 7 Kid-Friendly Tuna Fish Recipes!

by Melanie Edwards on December 26, 2012

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Modern Twist Kid's Table Source: Dinner Series/Flickr

Editor’s note: Our tuna fish week continues, with a look at some kid-friendly tuna fish recipes that I hope your kids will enjoy! Hopefully, my daughter will give them a try too!

As parents, we try to give our children a variety of foods and make sure they have a balanced diet as much as possible, but for those of us with picky eaters, things can get complicated. I know, because my seven-year-old baby girl is still a picky eater! So, how can you get your kids to eat a healthy food like tuna when on any particular week, they refuse everything but bananas and breakfast cereal?

The best way to convince your kids to try something new is to either hide a healthy food in something they love, or to make it as fun and colorful as possible. Would your daughter pick at the tuna sandwich you make her for lunch? Try using a cookie cutter to make it into the shape of a heart to increase the chances of her eating it or make a fun scene on their plate using cut vegetables and fruit. My daughter loves when I cut her sandwiches into hearts, dinosaurs, or trains!

Need ideas for some kid-friendly tuna recipes? Give these a try!

7 Kid-Friendly Tuna Fish Recipes

Do you have a picky eater? What are some tricks you’ve learned to get them to eat new foods?

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