3 Ideas for Feeding Kids Before the Big Thanksgiving Dinner

by Melanie Edwards on November 26, 2013

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Feeding Kids Before the Big Thanksgiving Dinner

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This Thanksgiving, there are probably many things you are thankful for: health, family, stability, and love, being just a few most likely on your list. But, busy parents like you and I can probably add not-so-obvious items to be grateful for onto our lists: time for ourselves, a few minutes of silence, and help in getting our day-to-day tasks done, for example.

A helping hand can come in many forms, from physical help in getting things done to resources that help you plan and organize your busy life – including recipe collections that aid you in menu planning. As I plan our Thanksgiving dinner menu, one thing I always seem to forget is the food before the actual Thanksgiving meal. I’m so busy thinking about the big Thanksgiving dinner that I forget we actually have to eat throughout the day while cooking! This year I’ve got a plan in mind and if you need some last-minute ideas, thankfully, Campbell’s Condensed Soup has some ideas to help you out as well. Read on to find out more!

3 Ideas for Feeding Kids Before the Big Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Keep fresh fruit and veggies out for the kids to graze from throughout the day while you cook.
  2. Try pre-cooking some mini versions of their favorite foods. These easy recipes using Campbell’s Condensed Soup include mini versions of mac and cheese, chicken pot pies, and even meat loaf! You could pre-cook your kids’ favorites and just reheat for lunch on Thanksgiving.
  3. Make finger sandwiches in different varieties. I plan to make a couple of different sandwiches (PB & J, turkey, cheese), cut them up into quarters and have them out so that the kids can snack on them throughout the day.

The idea is that your kids will be fed and you can focus on cooking your Thanksgiving dinner with little interruption because you prepared ahead of time. The kids will feel independent, too, which is always a plus! Now, isn’t a smooth Thanksgiving day something to be thankful for as well?

Make sure you don’t forget anything this Thanksgiving! You could always ask The Wisest Kid in the Whole World, just like the mom in this Thanksgiving TV commercial, to be sure you’re all set. Cute, right? 😉

What is one thing your kids have said they are thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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