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by Melanie Edwards on May 23, 2012 · 1 comment

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My Awesome Lil' Cousin

As I look back on this blog, I realize that one of the things I enjoy most is sharing special parenting moments with you. It helps me reflect, take in, and enjoy those little, everyday moments, that are actually quite extraordinary. They are the ones we talk about when we get together and reminisce. Those are the moments that have created memories, as small as they seemed at the time.

Over the years, I’ve shared with you simple moments such as brushing my baby girl’s hair and enjoying the peacefulness of doing so, the 6 a.m. conversations we’ve had, and her love for her daddy. I’ve also shared big moments like the story of the day our baby girl was born, getting pregnant a second time, and the birth of our baby boy. They’re all important and all bring back memories.

I realize, though, that I haven’t documented much of baby boy’s life thus far. He’s almost eighteen months old already and is growing so fast! I want to take in his small moments too and be able to marvel at his simple, big, and momentous occasions. I think I’ll start sharing more of those with you from now on. Let’s start with some of what he’s doing at the moment.

  • Baby boy is adventurous. He loves to walk, walk, and walk some more, all around the house, outside, and pretty much anywhere you’ll let him. Of course, this also means he likes to get into every corner, open doors, climb, and find his way into trouble as he explores.
  • My little boy is sweet as can be. I’ve said it before that I was genuinely surprised by just how sweet boys can be. He loves to give rounds of hugs and goes back and forth between daddy, mommy, and his big sister. He’s a bit stingy with kisses, though.
  • Baby boy is a comedian. This doesn’t surprise me much since his daddy and big sister are much the same way. He now knows that certain things he does will get a laugh from us and will do them on purpose. Of course, seeing him laugh (that big, belly-bouncing laugh that babies have), is all we really need to get us laughing.

There’s so much more he does on a daily basis, from running away when he knows he’s been caught doing something he shouldn’t, to sitting down to “read” a book. The transition from baby to toddler is a fun stage in parenting, one that I look forward to documenting a second time.

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