Study Finds Differences in Moms by Race

by Melanie Edwards on March 16, 2009 · 5 comments

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A few months back, Sheena of the Mommy Daddy Blog posted some results of a study that examined moms by race. In the post, only results of Caucasian and African American moms were included. So, I mentioned to Sheena that it would have been nice to know how Latina moms would have fared in such a study.

It turns out that the original study did include Hispanic moms.

The folks at BSM Media shared the full results with Sheena so that she could forward to me.

Here are some major findings of the study:

  • Education and health care were listed as the primary concern  for the majority of all African American, Caucasian and Hispanic mothers. Hispanic moms (67%) responded that employment was another top concern.
  • The top three challenges as a mother included saving for the future and the rising cost of food for all respondents. However, Caucasian moms named managing the desires of their children for material things as a challenge (45%), African American moms are battling with affordable housing (35%) and Hispanic moms are feeling challenged by the need for steady income (56%).
  • While online, African American mothers are more likely to read articles (68%) and experience music (45%). Caucasian mothers are likely to frequent social networks (45%) and message boards (43%). Blogs were the top choice among Hispanic Moms (55%) followed by social networks (42%).
  • When an African American mom catches a rare free moment, she is most likely to read (77%), Caucasian moms are most likely to surf the Internet (77%) and Hispanic moms enjoy spending time with their spouses (78%).
  • When asked about their ultimate indulgences, Caucasian moms listed a rich dessert (48%) and a fine bottle of wine (40%) among their top treats. African American moms would rather indulge by sleeping late (60%) or getting away for the weekend (35%). Hispanic moms choose to treat themselves with spa treatments (50%) or long, hot baths (50%).
  • Although the majority of all moms have made household adjustments to cope with the family crisis, African American moms are more likely to delay major purchases (57%) and avoid stores to reduce shopping (54%). Caucasian moms are coping by using coupons and discount codes (73%) and driving fewer places to conserve gas (62%). The most popular coping strategy among Hispanic moms is also using coupons (80%) but delaying major purchases is also common (68%).
  • Overall, Caucasian and Hispanic moms think marketers are doing a better job in speaking to them than African American moms.

More information on the study can be found at the Marketing to Moms Blog by BSM Media, though their post also doesn’t include the results of Hispanic moms.

Do the results surprise you? Do you find the differences from one race to the other interesting?

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1 kompostela March 16, 2009 at 4:14 pm

I don’t believe in Differences in Moms by Race. I am surprised that such idea came to her mind. Do you really believe in this research?

2 Philippa March 17, 2009 at 9:44 am

Thanks for the research. It is good to know. I found that on some points I was not totally in line with the majority of other african americans but some points were pretty true.

3 Ana Lilian March 17, 2009 at 2:04 pm

Interesting. Especially the part about Latina moms preferring blogs while online. It’s good to have that in writing! 😉

4 Melanie (Modern Mami) March 17, 2009 at 10:32 pm

kompostela: While I don’t think that fundamentally there are differences in being a mom between races/cultures, since a mom will be a mom no matter what, I do believe that certain traits and activities will differ amongst varying ethnicities.

Philippa: I found the same to be true for me. I didn’t exactly fit the mold for Latinas based on the research, but some were true.

Ana: It will be good for companies to see it research-based. More opportunities for us. 😉

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