#MedsUpAway Reminds Parents to Keep Medicines Safely Stored Up and Away

by Melanie Edwards on June 11, 2013

in Parenting

Keep Medicines Safely Stored Up and Away

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Last month, I shared an infographic with medicine safety tips for parents that included not only tips for using medicine safely, but also storing medicine safely. Safe storage of medicine is the focus of the #MedsUpAway program that’s launching this month in time for National Safety Month; #MedsUpAway is a program by the CDC and the PROTECT Initiative, which the CHPA educational foundation is a part of. The program really aims to educate parents on safely storing medicines and encourage them to keep medicines up and away from children.

I have to note that though the focus of this program is on parents keeping medicines safely away from children, keeping medicines safely stored is equally important when providing care for the elderly. As you may know, my papi has dementia and as such, he can easily confuse medicines for food or candy. Keeping medicines up and away is essential when he’s around, just as it is for my own children.

I’m sure that most of us keep our medicines in the bathroom medicine cabinets or perhaps in a kitchen cabinet. We do both in our house, since there are some medicines we want easier access to and keep in the kitchen, but we are sure to keep them in an upper cabinet where the kids can’t reach. Keeping medicines on a kitchen counter is just not an option since the kids can easily reach up and grab them.

How do you keep your medicines safely stored up and away from your children? Join the initiative and tweet or Instagram photos of your safe medicine locations using #MedsUpAway!

Keep Medicines Safely Stored Up and Away

Disclosure: As part of the CHPA educational foundation’s OTC Safety Ambassador program, I received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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