Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? & Other Common Questions Parents Ask Pediatricians

by Melanie Edwards on April 18, 2014

in Parenting

Common Questions Parents Ask Pediatricians

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When I was pregnant with my oldest, I had a million questions. I remember I would walk into my doctor’s office with a notepad pre-filled with questions for each of our visits and would walk out with at least 2 more follow-up questions or “action” items of information I wanted to research and learn more about on my own. This pretty much continued after my baby girl was born and as I transitioned from seeing my gynecologist to visiting her pediatrician.

In the early months of my baby girl’s life, I would also walk into her pediatrician’s office with a list of questions. Many of my questions revolved around the care of her skin, what to do if she got sick, and when she did get sick, what medicine and how much to give her. Reading over the 4 common questions parents ask pediatricians on the OTCSafety site, I see that my concerns as a new parent were certainly just that, common. It’s not easy to know how to care for our children, especially when it comes to ailments and injuries, so I can understand why we turn to our children’s pediatricians for those answers.

Something that I am guessing probably happens with many parents is that when I had my youngest, I naturally didn’t have as many questions! Having been through many parenting ups and downs with my baby girl, when I encountered many of the same concerns with my baby boy, I already knew how to handle them. Of course, I’m not pretending I never had any questions regarding my baby boy. Each child is different and there are always various situations that throw you for a loop. Additionally, since there are unique concerns in raising a boy vs a girl, I did also have questions of their pediatrician regarding those specific issues.

I asked around to see what additional questions other parents asked of their children’s pediatricians and found that in addition to questions about injuries and medicines, questions regarding your baby’s nutrition and overall well-being are common too. See what these moms shared they asked their babies’ pediatrician:

At my children’s pediatrician appointments, I wanted to know which extra vaccines, if any, they would need for traveling outside the country. (We took my oldest son to visit El Salvador at 1 year old.)” ~ Tracy,

How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk? What are the signs for knowing if she is full?” ~ Nadia Jones, aka @JusticeJonesie, Mom to 3 –

I know most babies spit up a lot, but when do I need to be worried? My second child had GERD pretty bad as a child and couldn’t ever sleep laying down flat.” ~ Monica Olivera, Mommy Maestra

What other common questions do parents ask pediatricians? Let us know what your concerns are (or were) that you discuss with your child’s doctor.

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