100+ Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids


My 10-year-old girl has always loved a fun craft! Even as she enters her tween years, she still enjoys breaking out the art supplies and sitting down for a creative session of crafting fun. Her 5-year-old brother will also happily join in on the fun of cutting, gluing, coloring, and generally getting creative. That’s why I […]

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Trinidadian Macaroni Pie: A Caribbean Baked Macaroni & Cheese Thanksgiving Side Dish Idea {Recipe}


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is coming up so soon, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to prepare by shopping for your Thanksgiving meal ingredients and planning your menu. The great thing is that these days stores have all you need for your Thanksgiving preparations ahead of time! I’m actually going to […]

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Gone are the Days of Crayons


As surreal as it seems to me, the reality is that we are about to have a middle schooler next school year. Yes – my sweet baby girl will soon be a 6th grader! While it may seem ridiculous for me to be thinking about this when the current school year began just a couple […]

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Gifting a Smartphone to Your Tween This Holiday Season: Is it Right for Your Family?


– Enjoy this guest post on deciding if gifting a smartphone to your tween this holiday season is right for your family! – As we trade in our pumpkins and autumn leaves for candy canes and snow drifts, our children automatically begin dreaming of Christmas. So while we are decking the halls with boughs of […]

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Showing Gratitude in Marriage: 5 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Spouse


As we begin the month of November, it is typical for many to focus on gratitude this month. With the celebration of Thanksgiving coming up near the end of November, it’s natural for us to take advantage of the theme of this holiday and extend it to become a month-long reflection. We can think about […]

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