Lance Seasonal Cookie Sandwiches Add a Spark of Holiday Fun to Your Snacks! {Giveaway}


Holiday flavors are in full-swing! It’s not hard to find pumpkin-flavored – well, everything – and with December just around the corner, we’re starting to see peppermint and sprinkles as well! I’m not a huge fan of holiday flavors myself, but my daughter enjoys the novelty of it and I know for many, it’s fun […]

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Play Before Release Date! Star Wars Battlefront (Pre)Release Fun


My husband and I have been fans of the Star Wars movies since we were young and now get to share that excitement with our own kids! When episodes 1-3 were released, our kids were not yet born, so it’s fun to share the fun of anticipating a Star Wars movie release with them! We’ve […]

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“Mommy, When are You Going to Die?” & Other Conversations with My Preschooler

Baby Boy

Life with a preschooler can be so much fun! Sure, there are moments of frustrations and you’re still dealing with temper tantrums, but as your baby grows, builds a vocabulary, and develops a personality, your days become infinitely more interesting. A favorite part of mine about having a preschooler in the home is the wonderful […]

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Small Gesture, Big Show of Support for Veterans #GreenlightAVet


Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to talk with our children about what it means to be a veteran and why it’s good to celebrate the men and women who have served. My dad and sister-in-law are veterans (as was my abuelo and his father), so our kids are able to learn first-hand from their […]

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5 Tips for Encouraging Dinner Conversation with Your Kids


Growing up, we always ate dinner together as a family. I remember that as soon as my dad arrived home from work, we’d sit down to eat. This is something I’m grateful we’re now doing with our own family! We sit down to eat dinner as a family just about every night – there are […]

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