eBay Mobile Apps Save You Time in Listing Sale Items

by Melanie Edwards on September 28, 2011 · 3 comments

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eBay Parent Panel at eBay on Location in Orlando, FL Photo by Tonja Deegan of Airfoil PR

Earlier this month, I joined several other members of the eBay Parent Panel to kick-off the program during eBay on Location. eBay had a day of sessions just for the Parent Panel prior to eBay on Location officially starting that same night. I was unable to attend the remainder of eBay on Location, but many Parent Panel members joined the 1000+ expert eBay sellers in sessions the next day, which varied from selling basics to selling as a business.

During my day there, though, I was able to fully benefit from the information eBay presented to us. As is typical of attending a brand event, we learned more about the company, their social media goals, and our roles as eBay Parent Panel members. What surprised me and the majority of attendees was that they also took time to provide us with key information that would benefit us during our Parent Panel commitment and beyond. Information on topics such as SEO and media basics was presented to us by eBay staff and Airfoil PR. It was detailed information and the SEO presenter even took time to visit each of our blogs ahead of time in order to provide detailed tips on how we could improve our SEO. The media basics presentation was basically a mini-training session on handling interviews and media appearances. Again, this is all information that will help us in our blogging career beyond our participation in the eBay Parent Panel.

eBay iPad App

Another thing that stood out for me was learning about the available eBay Mobile apps. I was not aware that these apps existed and was impressed when the presenter listed an item for sale in just about 3 minutes using his iPad. Time is something I expressed to the eBay team that deters me from selling on eBay more often. As I told them, it just seems faster to toss old items into a donate pile and drive them to my local thrift store. I don’t have a ton of time as it is to sit and sort items, take pictures, and list them for sale individually.

ebay Mobile app barcode scanningHowever, I realized that using the mobile apps will resolve this issue. I can simply use my phone to quickly take a picture, upload it using the app, add some details to the listing and post to eBay. You can even scan the bar code of items and the app will show you similar already-listed items and their selling price so that you can compare and price according to the competition. It also pre-fills information for you. This works particularly good for books.

I’ve been playing around with the app a bit and am getting ready to list my first few items for sale. I have a couple of boxes of books I decided to get rid of during our recent move that I plan to list on eBay and see how they fare. Using the app, I hope to list them all in a very short time!

Do you sell regularly on eBay? Have you ever tried their mobile apps? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

Disclosure: ModernMami.com is a member of the eBay Parent Panel, a compensated program.

Photo of eBay Mobile App bar code courtesy of eBay

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