What Else Do People Do in Bed Besides Sleep?

by Melanie Edwards on December 11, 2013

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What Else Do People Do in Bed Besides Sleep? Survey Shows Americans Work from Comfort of Bed

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While the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your bed may be sleep, it seems most Americans do much more than just sleep in their beds. In fact, a recent survey sponsored by Serta found that almost 70% of respondents work and take care of other personal activities right from their bed, which hopefully means they have comfortable mattresses since it seems they’re spending a lot of time in their beds!

I personally try not to work from my bed too often, but it does occasionally happen. If I’m not feeling particularly well, I will set up “office” on our Serta iSeries Trump Trevi mattress and work on my laptop. Sometimes the entire family will camp out on our bed and watch a movie or play a board game and yet other times the husband and I take care of online shopping, paying bills, and other miscellaneous errands from the comfort of our bed. In other words, just like many other Americans, we too, do much more than just sleep in our bed. Curious, I wondered how common this practice is among my circle of friends and found the answers to vary. Check out what a few of them had to say, then take a look at the infographic from Serta with information on the survey results!

I can’t really work in bed, but I read a lot. I try to get some reading in before going to sleep or during the weekends.” ~ Helena Osorio, pinkguayoyo.com

When it’s time for bed, I shut down my laptop and go to bed with my phone and iPad. I check emails and Instagram before going to sleep. I also watch TV and read bedtime stories to my son.” ~ Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, autismwonderland.com

My bed is a place my kids can come when they are sick, hurt, or scared. We cuddle a lot there. And I nurse my babies there, too! It’s the hardest work I do, so I’m glad that it’s a big bed!!” ~ Linsey Knerl, LillePunkin.com

I refuse to bring work into my bed. It’s my place to relax and snuggle with the hubby. The point that work invades my *sanctuary* is when I will need to reevaluate my work.” ~ Monica Brady, mommybrainreports.com

What Else Do People Do in Bed Besides Sleep? Survey Shows Americans Work from Comfort of Bed

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Serta Survey Shows Many Americans Working from Bed

How about you? Do you find yourself working from bed?

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Photo: Joselito Tagarao/Flickr

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