Weekends are Just not Long Enough

by Melanie Edwards on August 24, 2009

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Balancing TimeLately it seems that I totally suck at this balance thing. Ok, maybe suck is a strong word. But, I can say that I need to definitely work on my time management.

Being sick hasn’t helped either. It seems lately I spend all my time either laying on the couch trying to get over a headache (or *something*) or I spend my time cleaning one area of the house only for the rest of the house to be in chaos.

And weekends are just not long enough. After both of us being at work all week, there’s not enough time in two days to do everything we need to get done. Forget fun or things we want to do, I’m just talking about things we need to do. Like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and of course spending time playing with our baby girl. Because that’s absolutely on the need list for us.

Obviously, I need a little help to get myself and our household back in order. I need to get back into a routine that allows for most things to get done in a week. I think I’d be lying to myself if I tried to get all things done. It just never works out that way.

So, let me share with you some articles I’ve come across lately that provide tips on saving time and organizing your work or life in general. I share because maybe you’re like me and are looking to be more organized and productive or maybe just need to reduce a little of the chaos in your life.

Or maybe you’ve got it all together and could teach me a few things. In that case, skip right along past these links and leave me a comment with your wise words.

Organization and Time Saving Resources

  1. The 4 Hour Workday
  2. Simplify Your Life Week
  3. Real Simple’s 18 Timesaving Tips
  4. Simple Mom’s Steps for Organizing…Life
  5. Organized Grocery Shopping

Whether you’ve got it all together or need a little help, leave me a comment and let me know. I can definitely use either your tips or the comfort of knowing I’m not alone.

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