Guitar Hero Latino? Anyone?

by Melanie Edwards on June 24, 2009 · 74 comments

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Have you played Guitar Hero? I didn’t get into it at first; it was mostly my husband who played. But, then we bought Guitar Hero World Tour, which has not just guitars, but also a microphone and drums. Now we all get to play along.

It’s like our own little band. Me on vocals and baby girl on drums accompanying the husband on guitar. (Shhh…don’t tell her the drums aren’t actually connected!)

Last Thanksgiving, some extended family visited and we had a great big karaoke party playing Guitar Hero. It was probably the most fun Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. The kids were not just in a corner playing on their own while the adults talked. It was one big collaborative effort with the kids and adults actually engaging with each other.

But, then our family got to thinking. What if there was a Guitar Hero Latino version? How awesome would that be? We could sing and play along to some great Spanish songs.

You know how certain songs are introduced to the new generation either because an artist they know redoes the song or they hear the songs in video games or TV? For example, Guitar Hero World Tour has songs like Beat It and Livin’ on a Prayer. These are songs that I’m sure my 12 year old nephew or my own daughter would probably not know if it wasn’t for this game. I mean, she might hear the songs from us playing them around the house, but she wouldn’t know them. At the very least, they probably wouldn’t think it was cool since “the old people” listen to them.

The same could happen, but with Spanish songs. And it would be fun!

Of course, some modifications need to be made to the system. The drums would probably need to be more like bongos and you’d probably want the guitar to sound more like a Spanish guitar, not an electric guitar.

What do you guys think? Have you enjoyed Guitar Hero? Wouldn’t a Latino version be fun?

Any Guitar Hero folks out there? How about it?

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