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by Melanie Edwards on September 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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Chrysler Town & Country Van

As I shared earlier, we recently took a Chrysler Town & Country mini-van for a spin and even went on our first camping trip with it! The van we were loaned had a lot of features and some upgrades since it was a mid-level Town & Country. But, most of the features come standard even at the basic level. You can play around with the different feature options and available packages on their site for more information.

I have to say that some of the Town & Country features really sell this van. You can tell the designers truly thought about the needs of busy on-the-go families. Here are a few of our favorites:

Stow ‘n Go Seating

Chrysler Town & Country Stow 'n Go Seating

The Stow ‘n Go feature of the Chrysler Town & Country is a super useful feature allowing you to fold down the seats in the second and third rows. But, you’re not just able to fold down the back of the seat – instead the entire seat folds down flat into the floor. You can fold down each of the second row seats individually and fold down either one, two, or all three of the third row seats.

We pretty much had the third row folded down the entire time we had the van, since we started with our camping trip and obviously needed the space for it. The rest of the week, I left them down and was able to enjoy more trunk space. We also played around and folded down the two second row seats, but left the third row up. This made for a nice space in the middle for the kids to sit and play, something that was extra fun for them!

DVD Player

For long car trips, a DVD player comes in handy, especially with our 1-year-old. We don’t use it for every car ride, but there are times when putting on a movie or TV show definitely helps to calm him down or entertain him. It’s nice to know that this feature comes standard, as most times you have to add it on. A second DVD screen can be added on as an upgrade, but a single DVD screen comes standard on the Town & Country. Cool, right?

Rear Back Up CameraChrysler Town & Country Rear Back Up Camera

I am one of those people that has trouble seeing everything when backing up, especially in bigger cars. I blame it on the fact that I’m short. The rear back up camera was really useful to be able to see how close I was to objects or if anything was in my way.

Interior Conversation Mirror

Interior Conversation Mirror in Chrysler Town & Country

This is a minor feature compared to the rest, but the little mirror you can drop down in the front overhead console was something I liked. It was nice to be able to see the kids in the back by just glancing up at the mirror. Even as a passenger, it was better to quickly look up at the mirror rather than turn around to see how they were doing.

I’ll be sharing one more post with you about our experience with the Chrysler Town & Country. For more information, check out Chrysler on Facebook, Twitter, and their main site.

Disclosure: We were loaned a Chrysler Town & Country mini-van for one week in order to facilitate this review and share our experience.

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