Why My Kids Loved the Chrysler Town & Country

by Melanie Edwards on September 7, 2012 · 0 comments

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Chrysler Town & Country

I’ve shared with you a couple of posts about our experience with the Chrysler Town & Country mini-van. First, I told you about our first camping trip and how the Town & Country helped. Then, I went over some of the features we loved about the Chrysler Town & Country. For this last post in the series, I thought it would be fun to ask my 6-year-old daughter what she liked about the van. I’d ask our baby boy too, but his 1-year-old vocabulary is a little limited.

I can say that both my kids had fun riding in the Town & Country. You could see they enjoyed sitting in separate bucket seats and having a space to call their own. Baby boy loved walking around the car – back and forth from the back where the third row of seats were folded down to his seat in the second row.

Chrysler Town & Country Front Touchscreen Console

When I asked my girl to tell me why she liked the van, specifically, here are some of the features she enjoyed:

  • Touchscreen console: My girl told me she thought the radio up front was cool. Confused, I asked her to explain because I wasn’t understanding what was so cool about a car radio. Turns out, she liked that the navigation console was touchscreen.
  • Flashlight: The Town & Country has a small flashlight in the trunk area. We actually used it at one point during our camping trip when we couldn’t find our own. Apparently, she thought it was cool that a car came with its own flashlight.
  • Double DVD screens: Though this is not a standard feature, my baby girl thought the two DVD screens were nice because anyone sitting in the third row can more easily see what is playing.
  • Headphones: In the ceiling compartments by the DVD screens, were headphones the kids could use to listen to their show. That way, the driver and other passengers didn’t have to listen to the movie also, and could enjoy music for themselves. I find that little things like these matter to the little people.
  • Extra seating: Since both cars that we own only seat five people, my girl liked that there was an extra third row with more seats available. Of course, this is what makes a mini-van a mini-van, but for her, it was something new and exciting.

I love getting kids’ perspectives on things. It’s always fun to see what they think and listening to my girl describe why she liked the Chrysler Town & Country did not disappoint.

For more information on the Chrysler Town & Country, check out Chrysler on Facebook, Twitter, and their main site.

Disclosure: We were loaned a Chrysler Town & Country mini-van for one week in order to facilitate this review and share our experience.

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