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by Melanie Edwards on May 14, 2012

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Tuna Salad

I grew up eating tuna fish. It was a quick lunch solution – mix tuna with mayo, spread on bread, and you had a quick sandwich! My mom often made those for us, so naturally it became a go-to meal for me as I got older and especially when away at college. It’s actually still a part of my lunch menu every so often, though I’ve “upgraded” the sandwich by adding mustard, cheese, lettuce, and sometimes tomato. Exotic, isn’t it? 😉

Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad Member Because tuna has been a part of my life for so long, it was easy for me to say yes when Bumble Bee Foods asked if I wanted to partner with them this year and become a member of the Bumble Bee Squad. I am looking forward to learning more about new ways I can use tuna for various meals.

Bumble Bee actually has many recipes on their site and information on how they’re encouraging healthier living. In particular, they have the BeeWell For Life program, where you can log exercise you do, fitness challenges completed, and calories you eat, all benefiting the cause of your choice from the following three: The American Diabetes Association, WomenHeart, and Y-ME.

If you want some great tuna fish recipes, try these I came across, some from Bumble Bee!

Look for more tuna-inspired posts, recipes, and Bumble Bee Foods information throughout the year! Do you have a favorite tuna fish recipe? 

As part of our partnership with Bumble Bee, I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit thanks to Bumble Bee Foods. The conference was in Miami, Florida and I loved attending this conference for the first time. If you want to see some of the conference tweets and articles, you can follow the #mom2summit hashtag on Twitter. I’m working on another post to share insights from this conference.

Photo: kozumel/Flickr

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