How Will You Maintain Balance this Week?

by Melanie Edwards on December 21, 2009

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This is sure to be one of those weeks when the balance fairies need to pay me a visit. With Christmas being ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY, my brother and nephew being in town from Milwaukee, client work to do, a blog to maintain, a house to keep clean, and my sanity hanging by a thread, I could definitely use some magical pixie dust that will help me get it all done.

It’s one of those weeks, when I have to be sure to write everything down, plan, plan, and plan, and remind myself to breathe. I’m sure we all have those times and perhaps many of you are sharing this moment with me this week as well.

With that, I decided to share a few things that I plan to do this week to help:

  1. Use SimpleMom’s Daily Docket template to keep track of my daily to-do lists. I may even fill in a sheet for each day at one sitting and plan out my whole week.
  2. Divide up my days to split my time between housework and blog/client work. If I specifically designate chunks of my days for each type of work, it’ll be better than just going with the flow of the day and risk getting caught up in one or the other.
  3. Cook simple meals that will not take a lot of time. Meals like those on my sample weekly menu that allow for leftovers or two meals to be cooked at a time.
  4. Use an online timer to limit my time online. I still want to ensure I don’t go MIA in social media, but I don’t have to be online hours at a time. Using the timer, will help me shut it all down when time’s up.

I’m sure that using these simple ideas will help me tremendously to stay sane. I may not get everything done I hope to, but I’ll feel less scatter-brained.

What do you plan to do this week to help you keep a low-stress level?

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