Puerto Rican Mothers

by Melanie Edwards on June 23, 2006 · 0 comments

in Puerto Rico

I got this forwarded email – I thought it was cute, so here you go, enjoy! 🙂


The great things mom taught me:

My mother taught me RELIGION –
“Ay Bendito, pidele a Dios que yo no te agarre coño.”

My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION –
“Deja que lleguemos a casa coño”

My Mother taught me about my ROOTS –
“Malagradecido, cuando yo era chiquita no tenia na”

My mother taught me LOGIC –
“Como que porque coño, porque si!”

My mother taught me about INSPIRATION-
“Si llegas con mala nota te voy a hacer comer la chancleta”

My Mother taught me about WISDOM-
“Tu crees que sabes todo, pedazo de mierda”

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