Easy Watering Can Centerpiece for Spring {Craft}

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Watering Can Centerpiece for Spring

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A fun way to bring a little bit of spring inside your house is by making a watering can centerpiece you can fill with fresh spring flowers! This cute spring centerpiece is easy to make and only requires a few supplies you can pick up at your local Walmart. If you’re lucky to have flowers near your home that you can pick for filling your watering can centerpiece, then you’re all set! But, even if that’s not the case, then you can find affordable fresh flowers near the produce area of your Walmart store. Either way, with a few simple steps that the kids can even help you with, you can have a beautiful spring watering can centerpiece full of vibrant flowers! Ready to see how to make your own?

Easy Spring Flowers Watering Can Centerpiece {Craft}

Materials Needed:

Watering Can Centerpiece, Materials Needed

How to Make a Simple Spring Watering Can Centerpiece

First, insert foam disc into your watering can, along with any other necessary foam shapes to fill in the extra space. I had to use a cylindrical foam shape vertically next to my foam disc to avoid empty space and be sure everything was secure and tight.

Next, I decorated the outside of the watering can before inserting the flowers. This is optional, but it definitely adds a nice decoration to your watering can centerpiece. In the same floral crafts supply section of my local Walmart where I picked up the dry foam, I found dyed burlap in a variety of colors, as well as cute decorative burlap flowers! The burlap flowers also come in a variety of colors and shapes and already have a metal pin attached on the back, which makes it easy to attach to your burlap without the need for glue. It can’t be any simpler!

I simply cut the burlap roll to fit around the watering can, allowing for extra burlap so I could tie a knot on the handle. I folded the burlap in half horizontally so it wouldn’t be so thick, creating a nice burlap ribbon effect. After tying a knot on the handle and ensuring my “ribbon” was secure, I then attached my burlap flower.

Watering Can Centerpiece with Dyed Burlap Ribbon

Now that the outside of your watering can centerpiece is decorated, it’s time to insert your fresh flowers. You could also use artificial flowers if you prefer, for a more permanent centerpiece. To add your fresh flowers, simply snip off the ends of your flowers, remove the leaves, and insert into the foam disc and shapes inside your watering can. Arrange the flowers to your liking, alternating colors and height of flowers as you insert them, to create a nice arrangement.

Watering Can Centerpiece Craft

This watering can centerpiece is super easy to make and if you switch out the fresh flowers periodically, you can always have a great-looking spring piece to brighten up your home. To help your fresh flowers last longer, you can dip the dry foam shapes in water before inserting them in the watering can, or even use wet foam instead of dry foam.

What spring flowers would you add to your watering can centerpiece?

Watering Can Centerpiece

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