3 Tips for Protecting Your Mattress from Young Children

by Melanie Edwards on December 3, 2013 · 1 comment

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Tips for Protecting Your Mattress from Young Children

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Protecting your mattress from young children is important if you want to preserve the quality of your mattress. After investing in a new mattress, it’s only natural you’d want to protect it from stains and other damage. With young children often hopping in your bed to cuddle with you, it’s easy for them to spill a drink, cause a stain, or even a tear in your mattress. But, with a few simple precautions, you can protect your mattress from young children and maintain the life of your mattress. Check out how we’re currently protecting our Serta iSeries Trump Trevi mattress!

3 Tips for Protecting Your Mattress from Young Children

Use a Mattress Cover

Adding a mattress cover to your mattress will help cover and protect the mattress from spills and even other liquids that may come from having young children in your bed. (Accidents do happen after all!) Some mattress covers are waterproof and also hypoallergenic, helping to protect you and your family from allergens. The right mattress cover will not be noisy or uncomfortable underneath your fitted sheet. There’s many types of mattress covers out there, so be sure to find the one you like best!

No Food or Drinks

We have a standing rule for the kids of no food or drinks allowed on our bed. Sure, the occasional cracker makes its way with our toddler, but as a general rule, they are not allowed to eat on our bed or drink. There is just too much risk of a drink being spilled on the bed and it leaking onto the mattress. It’s better all-around to avoid such a scenario and protect our mattress from drink or food stains by saying no to food or drinks on the bed.

No Jumping on the Bed

Aside from the safety hazard, jumping on the bed can cause your mattress to wear. The springs can get worn out from your kids jumping too much in one spot, causing uncomfortable uneven spots you’ll later feel as you sleep. I know that jumping on the bed is super fun for kids, but we try to reserve the jumping fun for super special occasions or even for hotel beds – that way our mattress is protected and remains comfortable that much longer!

In what other ways do you help protect your mattress from your children?

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