Tips for Buying Your Next Mattress {Video}

by Melanie Edwards on April 9, 2014

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Tips for Buying a Mattress

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In working with Serta over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about the sleeping habits of people and the features of the Serta iSeries mattress. My husband and I have been trying out the Serta iSeries Trump Trevi mattress since early last year and we’re very happy with our choice. I honestly can say that I don’t have as much back or hip pain as I used to and my husband is absolutely in love with our new bed! In sharing our experience with the Serta iSeries mattress, I also shared with you information on how you can protect your mattress when moving, tips for protecting your mattress from young children, and explored why choosing a mattress as a married couple is so difficult! But, overall the process of buying a mattress is a challenging experience, whether you’re married or not, so I wanted to get a few tips from the folks at Serta to help you the next time you are in need of buying a mattress.

Meet Joel Lehocky, who very generously met with me and offered his personal tips for buying a mattress – the same tips he gives his friends and family who often call upon him when they’re purchasing a mattress. He shared that though buying a mattress is a very personal decision, his family and friends often call him for advice on how to select a mattress since he works for Serta. In the video below, he shares with you, much of what he tells them and any other consumer.

Tips for Buying Your Next Mattress

[Tips for Buying a Mattress, from a Serta Mattress Company representative.]

Additionally, if you are interested in the specifics of the features of the Serta iComfort mattress line, Joel shares with you a bit of what makes the Serta iComfort mattress unique and how it compares to the Serta iSeries (the mattress I own) in the video below.

Features of the Serta iComfort vs the Serta iSeries

[Features of the Serta iComfort mattress compared to the Serta iSeries mattress.]

Isn’t Joel great? I told him his tips would be very helpful for anyone seeking tips for choosing a mattress before heading to the store and making their purchase. I know the process of buying a mattress is a bit of overwhelming since after laying on a few, they all start to feel a little alike and with such a big purchase, you definitely don’t want to make the wrong choice! Hint: Consider narrowing down the choice to two mattresses, leaving the store for a coffee break or lunch, then coming back and laying down on JUST the two mattresses you narrowed it down to and making your final choice from those two without laying down on any more mattresses.

When was the last time you purchased a mattress?

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