Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining!

by Melanie Edwards on December 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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The holiday season is definitely a busy time – decorating, shopping, kids’ activities, and of course, holiday entertaining! With entertaining comes the need to keep a clean and tidy home, something I learned all too well growing up in a Puerto Rican household. My mami always kept a clean home, yet, when the holidays came around, the cleaning obsession was dialed up a notch. (If you can imagine.) Our house had to be perfect – no, pristine – for holiday guests who would visit for various occasions and festivities (or just drop by for a little cafecito). And man, did we have a lengthy holiday season! Starting with Thanksgiving, we then had Nochebuena, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and finally Día de Los Reyes. I didn’t even mention the religious celebrations of Octavas and Octavitas, which could extend our holiday season until nearly the end of January! Like I said, it was a lengthy holiday season, calling for a lot of holiday entertaining and lots of cleaning.

Though we no longer celebrate such an extensive holiday season, celebrating the holidays and honoring our cultural traditions is important to our family. Our family of four may not do as much holiday entertaining as my mami did, but a clean home is still just as necessary. After all, as I look around at our Christmas decorations, they just wouldn’t look the same if our home wasn’t clean and tidy! Plus, I like being prepared for unexpected visits from friends or neighbors – such as the knock we received a couple of days ago from a neighbor delivering holiday cookies! 🙂 To help us keep our home clean during the holiday season, we take some simple steps. Keep these easy cleaning ideas in mind, so you too can make holiday entertaining a breeze this holiday season!

Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips

Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining!

  1. Keep the Kitchen Clean: Keeping your kitchen counters clear and your dishes clean can make a big impact on the overall cleanliness of your home. Try using products like CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner to give your counters and other kitchen surfaces new life!
  2. Be Sure the Bathroom is Clean: It’s good to maintain the bathroom sink and toilet clean on a regular basis, but using CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover can also help you keep your tub and shower clean. This is great for guest bathrooms!
  3. Clean Your Floors Often: Vacuuming and sweeping on a consistent basis is one of the simplest ways to keep your home looking clean. Crumbs and dust can easily collect, especially in high traffic areas, so cleaning your floors often is a great idea.
  4. Put on Music: While not a tip for how to clean, putting on music sure helps the cleaning get done faster! This is something that was done since I was little and something we now do with our kids. They’re so used to it, that whenever we start cleaning, they turn on the music themselves!
  5. Get Kids Involved: Speaking of kids, you may have picked up on the fact that family is a big theme for us. As such, it’s extended to the cleaning as well!

These cleaning tips are super simple, but they’re ones I learned from observing my mami on an everyday basis. To this day, she makes sure her kitchen is spotless before she heads to bed. She also wipes down the bathroom sinks and sweeps the main areas on a daily basis. These daily habits easily transfer over for the holiday season and definitely help keep a tidy home, making it super easy to host guests and enjoy a bit of holiday entertaining!

What other holiday cleaning tips can you share to get ready for holiday entertaining?

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