5 Reasons to Bring a Little IKEA Into Your Home

by Vanessa Morales on March 23, 2017 · 0 comments

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Anyone familiar with IKEA products knows they’re the most affordable, innovative ones around. If you’re not familiar with them, IKEA designers always manage to figure out how to get the most out of each item for small spaces and the new IKEA PS 2017 collection follows suit.

IKEA has come up with some very interesting, multifunctional designs, made to accommodate today’s mobile lifestyle. People are on the move a lot – more than previous generations – and with the new PS 2017 line, it can make those moves that much easier. They’ve included everything from napkins, seasoning packets, and colorful chopsticks, to foldable furniture, and everything in between! Whether you’re downsizing to a “tiny” house, road tripping, camping, or simply staying put, these items are functional for any life style, especially to help stay organized when there are little ones in tow.

IKEA PS 2017 Collection

Why should you check out the new IKEA PS 2017 collection? Here are my personal top 5 reasons why you should add products from this new line to your home.

IKEA PS 2017 Collection: 5 Reasons to Check it Out!

  1. It’s versatile!
  2. It saves space.
  3. It’s GREEN – promoting the use of  recycled/sustainable items.
  4. It’s family-friendly!
  5. It’s IKEA!

IKEA PS 2017 Collection

There are so many items and too many to list them all, but some of my favorite products from the IKEA PS 2017 collection include:

  • Self-watering plant pot (score for those who lack green thumbs, like me!)
  • A stool/table
  • Desk/floor/wall mountable LED light that is soft enough for any room or to highlight any space
  • Foldable sofas and tables that are great to take to a movie in the park, lounge in on the porch, or use in your living room – with a pillow that easily converts to a blanket. Kids will love this!

I love a good IKEA hack and look forward to seeing what pops up later on. The IKEA PS 2017 collection is now available at your local store and online for a limited time. Check it out before it’s gone, to help you be organized and stay comfy!

What IKEA products are currently in your home?

Vanessa Morales, modernmami™ contributorVanessa Morales is currently a full-time mom to a very busy preschool boy and 1-year-old girl.  She and her husband share a love of traveling and enjoy sharing those adventures and different cultures with their children. Vanessa also loves to bake and always looks forward to trying new recipes.

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