Keep Track of Your Family’s Schedule with this DIY Family Color-Coded Weekly Calendar

by Lisa Renata on August 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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Family Color Coded Weekly Calendar Tutorial

I like simple projects and I especially like working on those that will help me organize my life a bit more. With two kids running around, a hard working hubby, and a multitasking mama, life can sure get crazy in our house.

School will begin before I can even say, “summer has been fun.”  (Wait, is summer almost over?!)  That crazy busy life of ours is about to get, well, even crazier.  A calendar to keep track of all our daily activities is the perfect the solution.  Though my iPhone calendar gets full every month, we needed a larger calendar that we could all see, in the room we spend most of our time in: the craft room!

I chose to make it a weekly calendar, that way it will be easier for the kids to keep track of everyone and what we are doing any particular week.  I also color coded it by using different color markers for each family member.  And I wanted it to be big enough to include an area where we could post notes held with magnets and another corked area to pin up schedules, flyers, etc.

If you would like to make your own family color-coded weekly calendar, here are the how-to instructions.

DIY Family Color-Coded Weekly Calendar

Dry-erase weekly planner cling


  • Combination dry-erase board  (3/4 magnetic white board, 1/4 cork board)
  • Dry-erase weekly planner cling
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Fun magnets & push pins

I found the dry-erase board, weekly planner cling, and dry-erase markers at my local Walmart. You may have to get the Washi tape (if you wish to use) elsewhere, though.

Dry-erase weekly planner cling


To begin, take the dry-erase weekly planner cling and cling it onto the combination board above the cork area, slightly overlapping. Cut off any excess ends. Make sure there are no air bubbles under your weekly cling strip or it will be hard to write on.

Attach Dry-erase weekly planner cling to dry-erase board

Take the washi tape and run it across the top part of the weekly calendar cling. This will cover the area that looks like the ends of a torn page.

Attach washi tape above weekly calendar cling

To make the little pouch that holds the colored markers, use the same plastic bag that holds the foam stickers for hanging the board. (I love reusing items!) Pin it to the cork board near one of the corners. If you want something a bit fancier, you can also make the pouch out of fabric.

Reuse plastic pouch to hold dry-erase markers

Fill your family's weekly calendar with activities and reminders

Place some cute magnets on the top (see my tutorial for the cute felt flower magnets shown) and several push pins onto the cork board. Now your calendar is ready to be filled!

Write your family's names on calendar board, each in a different color

On one of the whiteboard corners write, in different colors, the name and/or initials of each member of the family.

Dry-erase Family Color-Coded Weekly Calendar Schedule

And begin to fill up the calendar accordingly.

Hold notes with magnets on family calendar board

Completed dry-erase and magnetic family weekly calendar schedule

Now you are ready to tackle a new school year. ¡Buena suerte!

Lisa Renata, Lisa Renata is a proud multicultural Latina of Mexican, German and Japanese descent. She and her husband of German, Scott-Irish descent are raising their two lovely kids bilingual and in a home full of diverse traditions. She holds a degree in cultural Anthropology and is a certified Interpreter. She is also the creator of, where she shares her craft ideas, and her passion for sewing and photography. You can find Lisa occasionally sharing simple and fun crafts here on

Disclosure: and its owner, Melanie Edwards, is a member of the Walmart Moms program, resulting in compensation for this post.

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