5 Simple Ideas for Giving Your Master Bedroom a Quick Refresh {Video}

by Melanie Edwards on July 31, 2014 · 0 comments

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All too often we get caught up in our daily routines, adhering to our schedules, completing our tasks, meeting deadlines, and at the end of the day, the one place we retreat to is our bedroom. Our master bedroom should be a place that helps us relax and dare I say, makes us feel like we’re escaping the monotony that our everyday life can sometimes be. As I look around my master bedroom, it is far from that. It is a hodge podge of the everyday life and daily cycle my husband and I find ourselves living day in and day out – a reminder of wonderful things, indeed, but also a reminder of those minor stresses that add up. I decided it was time to start changing that and make our master bedroom a space we could truly call our own. Check out the following video with an overview of some simple ideas for a master bedroom refresh, then read on for the specifics of the first steps I took to refresh our master bedroom, plus other ideas!

5 Simple Ideas for a Master Bedroom Refresh

1. Buy new bed sheets (or new bed cover): I found myself routinely washing and using the same bed sheets over and over. What’s worse is I think the 2 or 3 sets of bed sheets that were in rotation were gifted to us by my mother, which doesn’t say much for personalizing our own master bedroom space, right? I decided the first thing I needed to do was purchase a new set of bed sheets for my husband and I and though it’s not a fancy set by any means, I love the rich color I picked out. It brightens up the bed and room and definitely fits the minimalist style of my husband I. You can find plenty of bed sheets in a variety of colors and patterns (aff) from various brands at Walmart to compliment your style, with prices starting under $10!

5 Simple Ideas for a Master Bedroom Refresh: Buy New Bed Sheets

2. Add candles: Placing a few candles around your room – whether on your dresser, nightstand, or wherever you prefer – adds to the ambiance of your master bedroom and creates a lovely atmosphere. Candles also help add a splash of color and you can choose candles that coordinate with the colors of your bed. If you use scented candles, then all the better, since your room will always smell fresh!

5 Simple Ideas for a Master Bedroom Refresh:  Add Candles

3. Decorate with photos or art: I found that after moving into this house, we had neglected to break out our framed photos or hang up our artwork. Even though it’s nearing a year of us moving into this house (yikes!), we have been so busy just living life, that we haven’t taken time to make this space truly our own. So, I placed a few of our already-framed photos in our room and plan to take advantage of Walmart’s photo center (aff) to print more recent photos we can then frame and decorate with.

5 Simple Ideas for a Master Bedroom Refresh:  Decorate with Photos

4. Add decorative pillows: Another layer you can add to your bed is to add some decorative pillows. There are so many different types of pillows and cushions out there – in all shapes and colors – and you can even make your own, so you can really have fun with this! Walmart has a new home decor collection from interior designer Libby Langdon (aff), which includes pillows, so you may find some you like in her warm & inviting line!

5. Create an inspirational corner: If you have a little corner in your master bedroom (it doesn’t have to be big), consider creating an inspirational corner where you can retreat to when you need a little time for yourself. It can be a sitting area that is decorated with inspirational artwork (aff), mementos, etc., and used for meditating, reading, or just relaxing.

When was the last time you refreshed the decor in your master bedroom and gave it some attention?

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