Celebrating Latino Culture for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual event celebrating the richness of Latino culture and honoring our heritage. Each year from September 15 through October 15, Latino heritage is recognized, along with the achievements of Latinos in history. It’s a wonderful time to pass on the beauty of Latino culture to children of Latino descent or expose any child to learning about a diverse group of people and new cultures. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrating Latino culture, check out the following ideas, kid activities, crafts, and free printables for kids! You can even find some delicious Latin food recipes to help you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and Latino Culture with Kids

Free Hispanic Heritage Month Activities and Printables for Kids, Plus Ideas for Celebrating Latino Culture!

  1. Puerto Rican Güiro Craft for Kids
  2. Día de Los Muertos Calavera Craft for Kids
  3. Kids Activities for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
  4. 12 Resources to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Your Kids
  5. Multicultural Crafts to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Festival of Books
  7. How to Make Paper Fiesta Flowers
  8. Musical Crafts for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
  9. Puerto Rican Caretas (Paper Maché Mask Craft)
  10. Flags of Latin American Countries {Printable Coloring Pages}
  11. Hispanic Heroes Trading Cards {Printable}
  12. Hispanic Role Models Coloring Pages {Printable}
  13. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Interactive Activities
  14. Ideas for Musical Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month {Printable}
  15. Paco’s Passport – an interactive online game on PBS
  16. Learn a Mexican folkloric dance – check out these videos to dance with your children!
  17. 15 Children’s Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
  18. Learn about notable Hispanic inventors with these activity ideas!
  19. Use a felt storyboard to learn about famous Hispanic leaders. Use this Cesar Chavez storyboard to get you started!
  20. DIY Mini Piñata {Craft}
  21. Enjoy a week of Latino food! Try this 7 day Puerto Rican food meal plan to get you started.
  22. Share a tradition with your children through pictures and storytelling, like the tradition of a Quinceañero (or Quinceañera as known in other Latin American countries).
  23. Celebrate with an after-school treat like these Strawberry & Cream Cheese Pastelitos (inspired by traditional Pastelitos de Guayaba) or this Limber de Mango!
  24. Let the kids play PBS KIDS’ online games in Spanish!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and Latino Culture

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