DIY Easter Basket {Kids Craft}

by Lisa Renata on April 1, 2012 · 1 comment

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DIY Easter Basket

Have you been looking for the perfect Easter basket and haven’t had any luck finding one? I hear you loud and clear!  How about making your own Easter basket with things you might have lying around the house? Or you can also pick up the items on your next shopping trip to Walmart!  Sound good?

It is so easy, even your children can have a hand in creating such beauty; plus it is versatile too!

DIY Easter Basket: How to Make an Easter Basket from a Canister

Materials to Make Your Own Easter Basket

What you need:

  • an empty large canister (I used a family-size Ovaltine container. It measures about 16 inches around and 4 1/2 inches tall.)
  • two pieces of white card stock
  • assorted ribbons and trims
  • flower for embellishment (optional)
  • all purpose glue
  • scissors
  • hot gun & glue (optional)


Begin by cutting the pieces of card stock that will cover your bin.  Because the bin I used was longer than the length of my paper, I ended up using two pieces of card stock.  All you need to do is measure around your bin (that’s the length), then the  side (that’s the width).  Once you’ve cut your piece or pieces of card stock, begin to cover your bin.  Start at one end by placing a generous amount of glue on the bin and then pressing down the card stock, making sure not to leave any air bubbles.  Continue until you get to the end, overlapping your paper and glue.

Make Your Own Easter Basket

Now you are ready to start decorating.  Pick out your trim and cut to the length of your bin.  Begin to glue (I used a glue gun for this part) where your card stock meets.  Glue around once again, pressing to make sure there are no air bubbles left.

Decorating Your DIY Easter Basket

Continue the same process until you’ve almost covered all your bin, leaving the top clear for later.  Make two holes and insert your ribbon (or ric rac) to make your handle.

Decorating Your DIY Easter Basket

Knot each end on the inside of the bin.   Glue the ends to give it extra support (after all, it is for holding lots of goodies!)

Making Your Own Easter Basket

Now you can finish adding the last round of trim to the top of the bin.  When you get to the handles add a generous amount of glue to reinforce the handles.

Making Your Own Easter Basket

For a final extra touch, you can add a flower.  I made my own using a dye cut machine, but you can very well buy a flower already made and glue it onto the basket.

Decorate Your Own Easter Basket with a Flower

You are done!

Now you have a lovely Easter basket your little one can be proud of!

DIY Easter Basket

You can also use this basket after Easter as a centerpiece!

Easter or Spring Centerpiece

It is all up to you! (Okay, and maybe your little one.  ¡Si te deja!)

DIY Easter or Spring Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, all I did was insert a pint-size mason jar, added some water, tied some fresh flowers with a rubber band, then inserted them into the jar.  Ta-da!  The Easter basket becomes a lovely centerpiece.

Have fun creating!

Lisa Renata, Lisa Renata is a proud multicultural Latina of Mexican, German and Japanese descent. She and her husband of German, Scott-Irish descent are raising their two lovely kids bilingual and in a home full of diverse traditions. She holds a degree in cultural Anthropology and is a certified Interpreter. She is also the creator of, where she shares her craft ideas, and her passion for sewing and photography.

Disclosure: is a member of the Walmart Moms program, resulting in compensation for this post.

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1 Patti March 4, 2014 at 8:21 am

This is absolutely beautiful! What a great idea. I am going to make one, just to use as an Easter/Spring centerpiece. Thank you soooo much for sharing.


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