Celebrate 4th of July with this Independence Day Banner! {Kids Craft}

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4th of July (Independence Day) Banner Kids Craft

Fourth of July is just around the corner! If you’re looking for an easy and fun kids craft to help make your house festive for Independence Day, then look no more! Get your little ones ready to help you make this super easy 4th of July banner.

4th of July Banner

4th of July Banner Craft for Kids

All you need are three things and a lot of crafting enthusiasm from you and your little ones. Scrapbook paper, ribbon and a stapler (all of which you can find at your local Walmart) are all you need!  Okay, maybe a ruler and pencil too, but really that is all you need.  I promise.


First, pick out festive paper.  The typical colors for the 4th of July are red, white and blue, but why stop there?  You can add a bit of glam by adding a lighter shade of blue and some prints.  Once you’ve picked out your paper and ribbon, gather all the little helpers in the house to begin.

4th of July Banner Triangle Template

Start off by making a triangular template.  This will help guide the kids.  Once you’ve made the template (using steps one and two in the photo above), you can give it to your little one to begin tracing the triangles onto the scrapbook paper (steps three and four on photo).  I do advise, however, that the triangles are traced on the back of each paper that way the lines (or little mistakes little hands make) will not show up on the front of the banner.

Fourth of July Banner Cut Triangles

Once your little one has traced all the triangles, have him or her cut them out.

Laying out the 4th of July Banner

Lay the cut triangles out on the floor and play around until you and/or your little one is satisfied with the order they will be in.  Then cut your ribbon.  We used about 4 yards of sky blue satin ribbon.

Stapling 4th of July Banner

Begin to staple each triangle onto the ribbon by starting in the center and moving outwards.  Staple each triangle twice, one on each end.  When you add the following triangle, make sure that the tip of each end touch.  Continue until all triangles are stapled onto the ribbon. *Note: you can also sew a straight line over the ribbon and triangles if you choose to.

4th of July Banner Decoration

You are done!  Time to decorate and…

Celebrate 4th of July with an Independence Day Banner!

Happy Independence Day!

Lisa Renata, SaboraCajeta.com Lisa Renata is a proud multicultural Latina of Mexican, German and Japanese descent. She and her husband of German, Scott-Irish descent are raising their two lovely kids bilingual and in a home full of diverse traditions. She holds a degree in cultural Anthropology and is a certified Interpreter. She is also the creator of SaboraCajeta.com, where she shares her craft ideas, and her passion for sewing and photography.

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