Gift Ideas for the (Video) Gaming Family

by Melanie Edwards on April 24, 2017 · 0 comments

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As a family that enjoys gaming together, we’re often looking into new video games that we can either play together or that are age-appropriate for the kids. Of course, my husband also enjoys gaming and considers it his personal down-time, so he often looks at the latest games released. It’s not always easy to find fun video games for the family, since many of them are not co-op games, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, we also take another angle at one-player games, by engaging with the storyline and player as they play. If you’re looking for new video games for the family to explore or give as a gift, check out these recent ones we’ve either been playing or have had our eyes on!

Video Games for the Family

Video Games for the Family: Gift Ideas for the Gaming Family

*All links below are affiliate links. Where noted with an *, complimentary game copies were received for consideration.

For the Whole Family

Just Dance 2017*: We’ve always enjoyed playing dance games together as a family – it’s fun, plus gets you moving! The latest release from the Just Dance family did not disappoint, providing lots of great songs to dance to with the kids. Some of our kids’ favorites include Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae), Beyonce’s Single Ladies, and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Video Games for the Family

Mario Sports Superstars*: My six-year-old is a big fan of Mario (his 5th birthday party was Mario-themed), so you can imagine his excitement at being able to explore a new Mario game for his 2DS! He’s loving the ability to play a variety of sports with some of his favorite characters, but he also really enjoys the Stable Mode that comes with the horse racing. “I’ve maxed out my bond with my horse!” he recently told me. While this may not be alluring for us grownups, it’s perfect for young kids, allowing them to customize and care for their horses in-between sports play. You can also take your game-play online for a fun multiplayer experience – one my kids are enjoying as my boy plays on his 2DS and battles his sister on her 3DS!

For Tweens+

Grow Up*: After falling in love with BUD from Grow Home (a game the family happened upon a while back), the kids were excited to continue BUD’s journey in the sequel, Grow Up. Though they mentioned it wasn’t a long game-play, they did seem to enjoy playing Grow Up and helping BUD collect MOM’s pieces. At only $9.99, this downloadable game is worth considering for your family.

Video Games for the Family

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Zelda games are of course a favorite for my husband and I as we grew up playing this iconic game. However, our kids have also taken a liking to the characters and this latest game in the Zelda franchise is one we’re looking forward to checking out!

For the Grownups

Watch Dogs 2*: Strictly for older teens and grownups, Watch Dogs 2 is a game my husband has been enjoying in the evenings. It’s not my type of game, but as a third-person shooter, it’s right up his alley. He mentioned something that may be overlooked by many, but that for our multicultural family is something we often notice. By default, the main character Marcus, is Black. (Not because he can be customized as such, but because that was how we was designed for the game.) This may not be a big deal to some, but anytime we find diverse characters in media, it’s a great thing!

Video Games for the Family

Mass Effect: Andromeda: This RPG game is one that’s on my husband’s wish list, but hasn’t had a chance to explore just yet. As a fan of games with various story arcs, where in-game decisions can shift character relationships or alliances and in some cases outcomes within the game, the latest game in the Mass Effect franchise seems like a must-play for him. Another game that is strictly for grown ups (I would even be careful with older teens), Mass Effect: Andromeda is full of strategy and character development, two things that make it appealing for fans of RPG!

Family fun can come in all forms, even through playing video games for the family together! It’s important to keep a vigilant eye on the games your kids play, so playing along with them is not only great for family fun time, but will also allow you to see any potential issues in the content of the games. Do you enjoy gaming together as a family?

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Which video games for the family can you recommend?

Disclosure: Complimentary copies of some mentioned video games were received. Affiliate links used.

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