Doctor Strange Brings Captivating Effects and Mystique to Comic Fans New & Old

by Melanie Edwards on February 28, 2017

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The world of comic heroes and villains is one that I did not grow up with, but have come to enjoy quite a bit. Unlike my husband, I have never been a comic book reader, so I’m not very familiar with the various characters. My husband, however, grew up reading comic book after comic book, resulting in him knowing about all kinds of characters and choosing a few of his personal favorites. Because of his love for comics, our children have come to appreciate the world of comics as well. They may not be collectors like their father once was, but they love learning about the variety of heroes, villains, and their stories. With the help of movies like those from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are easily captivated by the imagery and become invested in the characters. The latest hero movie we’ve added to our collection is Doctor Strange, a new hero that I was happy to learn about!

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Doctor Strange was unfamiliar to my children and I, but of course, my husband was familiar with his story. It’s the story of a neurosurgeon who is met with a major life change after a terrible car accident. In his search for a cure for his condition, Dr. Stephen Strange encounters the mystical arts and a world of sorcery and mystique. The allure of magic was a big one for my kids, who are fascinated by all things fantasy. There’s also plenty of good lessons in Doctor Strange, such as the themes of humility, perseverance, and working for a greater good. Plus, as with most Marvel movies, the humor and special effects found in Doctor Strange are both something to look forward to for your next family movie night! Take a look at this behind-the-scenes clip for a preview of the type of special effects you can expect!

Doctor Strange is rated PG-13, so you’ll need to decide if it’s worth introducing to your younger kids and tweens, due to the comic book style of violence and slight language. Pick up Doctor Strange to watch as a family, currently available on Digital HD and as of today, also available on Blu-ray!

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