Fishing as a Family: Fun, Relaxing & Empowering!

by Melanie Edwards on November 14, 2016

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While I did not grow up fishing, my husband had some experience fishing as a boy and finds the activity to be relaxing. I was skeptical when he first brought it up as something we should do with our kids, but gave it a chance. Fishing as a family has turned out to be one of our family fun activities, even if we don’t do it as often as we’d like. This is why we were excited to be part of a fishing excursion with the Take Me Fishing organization; it gave us a chance to learn more about fishing in general and specifically, see how fishing can be a great family activity! Check out the fishing and boating fun we had at the Walt Disney World Resort (see our snapchat story below!) and learn more about why we really encourage you to make fishing part of your family fun!

Fishing as a Family: Fun for Everyone

During our Take Me Fishing excursion at the Walt Disney World Resort, we experienced a guided fishing tour on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon aboard a pontoon boat. While we’ve gone fishing before, it’s always been saltwater, so it was super helpful to have a guide to help us learn about the stocked largemouth bass in the lake. Our guide (Luke) was not only knowledgeable and helpful, he was also extremely patient and charismatic. Luke helped our children, encouraged them, and celebrated along with them when they caught fish. It’s always wonderful to see others interacting and engaging with your kids in a way that really makes them feel comfortable!

Fishing as a Family

With Luke’s guidance and tips, our boat caught and released about 21 largemouth bass in a span of just 2 hours! We’ve never caught so many fish – ever! It was extremely fun to watch our baby boy and girl work their way up from not wanting to touch the fish, to not only touching the fish, but releasing them back into the lake. Our girl even took it to another level by baiting her own hook a few times. The pride in both of their eyes was overflowing, so you can imagine the joy in our hearts as parents!

Fishing as a Family, Fun with Kids

Lessons Learned from Fishing as a Family

As we thought back on and chatted about our fishing trip at Walt Disney World, the words we kept hearing most were confident and proud. “I felt proud about the fish I caught,” our baby boy said. “I was feeling more confident with the fishing as the time passed,” our girl proclaimed. These are just a couple of their sentiments; over and over they said a variety of similar statements with one or both of the words. Confidence. Pride. How could we as parents not help feeling the same sense of pride, knowing that a couple of hours spent fishing on a lake helped instill such important feelings for our babies?

Fishing as a Family, Fun with Kids

How Can You Enjoy Fishing as a Family?

I highly recommend trying fishing as a family at least once so you can experience it for yourself. The excitement kids (and adults) get from their #FirstCatch is super contagious and memorable. For information on how you can get started fishing as a family, definitely check out the tips and resources on the Take Me Fishing site. They have lots of useful information – from how and where to fish to specific state information. (Remember that you need a fishing license and each state has its own regulations!) If you need information in Spanish or have loved ones that can benefit from the Spanish-language site, Take Me Fishing also provides Go ahead and take the plunge – explore the great ideas that Take Me Fishing has made available and then head out for a fun day of fishing! Be sure to share your own #FirstCatch on social!

Fishing as a Family

What do you think your kids would enjoy the most from fishing as a family?

All photos © Melanie Edwards/modernmami™

Disclosure: Our family was invited by Take Me Fishing on an all-inclusive fishing excursion at Walt Disney World in order to learn more about fishing and boating and share the family fun with you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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