All Moms Go to Heaven – Ten Reasons Why

by Melanie Edwards on April 14, 2007 · 0 comments

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The gals over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas asked for ten reasons why all moms go to heaven.  All moms go to heaven also happens to be a mommy’s clothing site.


Here, my ten reasons:


  1. We put up with a lot of whining, just like God.
  2. We pray everyday-it doesn’t matter that we’re praying for the kids to be quiet, it’s still prayer!
  3. We are often “blessed” – by our babies’ pee, but still blessed.
  4. We teach our children everyday; just call us prophets!
  5. We can feed an entire household with one pack of mac & cheese and some hot dogs (sound familiar?).
  6. We cater to many at one time, some call it multitasking, but for moms, it’s just life.
  7. We experience a miracle with every pregnancy/birth.
  8. We are naturally providers of nourishment.
  9. We too would die for our children.
  10. We give life.

Of course, I’ve probably commited all kinds of blasphemy now and might have ruined my chances. Let’s hope God has a sense of humor! 😉

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