50+ Tween Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

by Melanie Edwards on October 18, 2016 · 2 comments

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Halloween costumes used to be easy for my baby girl, but as she’s entered her tween years, we’ve consistently had a more difficult time finding age-appropriate costumes that she both likes and are in her size. Perhaps the skirt is too short, the top cut too low, or the name of the costume always has the adjective “sexy” in the title – seriously, a sexy crayon costume? – so, like me, you’re looking for tween girl Halloween costume ideas! After much searching (and searching, because it took A LOT of digging), here is a nice list of 50+ Halloween costume ideas for your tween girl that you can feel good about as she goes trick-or-treating! Some are DIY, others are linked with affiliate links (thanks for your support!), but all are costumes I would feel comfortable with my 10-year-old wearing. Have a fun Halloween everyone!

50+ Tween Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

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Get Informed About Health Care Plans!

by Melanie Edwards on October 13, 2016 · 6 comments

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I’m sure we can all agree that when it comes to our family’s health we want to both ensure we keep up with regular medical visits and save money when we’re able. Though the specifics of medical costs will vary from family to family and due to a number of variables, if you do have health insurance, it’s important to get familiar with your family’s health plan. Learning as much as we can about health insurance plans and taking advantage of available resources from health plan providers to become more knowledgeable, can only benefit us and our families! That’s why I’ve partnered with UnitedHealthcare for this post to share how you can use some of their fun interactive tools to get informed on health care plans and possibly win a little money along the way! (You do not have to be a UnitedHealthcare member to learn or participate – seriously!)

Get informed on health care plans


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4 Ways We Make Brushing Teeth Fun as a Family!


As our kids grow and we continue our parenting journey, I’ll admit that we are growing more aware of ingredients, something that wasn’t always on our radar. While we’re still not super strict about it, we are more mindful and are reading more labels – with food and hygienic supplies. This has become a little […]

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Self-Care for Mom: 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Level During the Day {Giveaway}


I’m sure many of you can relate with the feeling of exhaustion that creeps up on you around 3-4 pm every afternoon. It’s not just me, right? It’s rather inconvenient, actually, since that’s prime parenting time in our house (and in many households). Those are the hours after the kids have come home from school, […]

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The Reality of Raising Multicultural Children

Baby Boy

“Be careful, there’s a cop parked over there,” I said to my husband. “Yeah… I see him.” We weren’t doing anything wrong. We were simply driving home – driving along a back road, at nighttime. As my husband cautiously ensured he drove not even one mile over the speed limit, I kept my eye on […]

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