15 Nice Things Kids Can Do for Do Something Nice Day

by Melanie Edwards on October 5, 2015 · 0 comments

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Today is Do Something Nice Day, a day to take a little time to do a good deed or simply do something nice for others. Of course, we should strive to be nice every day, but taking advantage of this designated day is a great way to be sure we make the extra effort. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to share the kindness with our children and encourage them to do something nice for others! To get your family thinking of how easy it is to be kind and do a good deed, I’m sharing some simple ways kids can do something nice today (or any day). Check out these fun ideas for Do Something Nice Day and download our free printable to put on the fridge or near a calendar!

15 Nice Things Kids Can Do for Do Something Nice Day

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Letting Go of Nap Time

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Earlier this week I talked about how my baby boy and I spend our afternoons after he gets home from pre-Kindergarten and shared a free printable preschool daily routine chart! I mentioned that he now has quiet time since he has outgrown his daily nap. This is something I’m pretty bummed about, but in the end, I’ve realized letting go of nap time is the best thing…for both of us.

Prior to the beginning of this school year, baby boy was in preschool (daycare) during school hours. During his time at preschool, he followed the class’ routine, which included a two-hour block of nap time. If the kids didn’t actually sleep, it was fine, but the rule was they had to stay laying down quietly. Once this school year began, we shifted to a new schedule of pre-Kindergarten for three hours per day, then being home in the afternoon. I thought it would be a good idea to keep a similar routine at home, so I wrote up a schedule for our afternoons which included nap time! Little did I know that the slight change in place (home instead of school) would cause a significant change in my boy’s attitude towards nap time.

No More Naps: Letting Go of Nap Time for Preschooler

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Sample Afternoon Routine for Preschoolers {Free Printable}

Baby Boy

It’s hard to believe, but my baby boy started pre-Kindergarten this school year! He’s been in preschool before, but this year, he’s officially in pre-Kindergarten and learning all those necessary skills to get him ready for Kindergarten next year. Here in Florida, pre-Kindergarten is three hours a day and if you wish, you can enroll […]

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Easy Game Time Recipe: Sriracha Teriyaki Wings {Recipe}


My husband has always been a fan of chicken wings and loves to try different flavors. Though he is a big fan of spicy buffalo chicken wings, I tend to prefer the sweeter flavors, such as teriyaki or honey BBQ. Recently, our girl has become a fan of not only chicken wings, but also spicy […]

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Simple Meals for Your Family: Our Weekly Meal Plan


It’s been a while, but I’m trying to get back into the habit of meal planning and sharing those meal plan ideas with you! I’ve been planning our meals regularly, but just haven’t been consistent in sharing our meal plans on here. However, meal planning continues to be beneficial for our family, especially for keeping […]

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