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I’m sure many of you can relate with the feeling of exhaustion that creeps up on you around 3-4 pm every afternoon. It’s not just me, right? It’s rather inconvenient, actually, since that’s prime parenting time in our house (and in many households). Those are the hours after the kids have come home from school, when they need the most attention, requiring hugs, kisses, snacks, help with homework, and just time to chat with you. Alternatively, if you work outside the home, that block of time is also the time you need to stay focused for late-afternoon meetings or when you want to get the final day’s work done to avoid adding to the next day’s to-do list. (I speak from experience!)

3 tips to help with your energy level

That’s why sometimes your body can use a bit of a pick-me-up. While many people rely on a cup of coffee, it’s never been something I’ve enjoyed. However, there’s been many days where I’ve wished for caffeine or a little extra boost of energy so I could just get through the remaining hours of the day without falling out on the couch! Sound familiar? Check out these simple tips to help with your energy level and be sure to see the fun giveaway at the bottom!

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The Reality of Raising Multicultural Children

by Melanie Edwards on September 21, 2016 · 0 comments

in Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Parenting

Be careful, there’s a cop parked over there,” I said to my husband.
Yeah… I see him.”

We weren’t doing anything wrong. We were simply driving home – driving along a back road, at nighttime. As my husband cautiously ensured he drove not even one mile over the speed limit, I kept my eye on the police car until it was out of sight. A minute later we hear our sweet girl’s voice nervously chime in from the backseat, “Why were you worried about the cop back there?” And so began a lesson I imagine many 10-year-olds don’t have to deal with at such a young, impressionable age….or maybe ever.

The Reality of Raising Multicultural Children

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3 Kids’ Activities for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Kids Activities & Crafts

– Originally published in 2011, when my baby girl was 5 years old! It’s time to do this same project with my baby boy! – This year, in order to expose my daughter to Latino heritage more in-depth, I decided to do a small Hispanic Heritage Month project with her. My idea was that it […]

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Puerto Rican Güiro Craft: Celebrating Latino Culture This Hispanic Heritage Month & Always! {Video}


Raising multicultural children can be a little tricky – you want them to learn about their roots and heritage, yet they’re surrounded and influenced by a culture that is different from the one you grew up knowing. That’s why keeping culture alive in the home is so very important to my husband and I and […]

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3 Tips to Make Sure You Eat While Working from Home!


Now that the kids have been back to school for about a month, I’m starting to nail down my daily routine. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress, but I’m getting there. One of the areas that definitely needs improvement is making sure I take time out of my day to eat well. Whether it’s […]

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