Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining!

by Melanie Edwards on December 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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The holiday season is definitely a busy time – decorating, shopping, kids’ activities, and of course, holiday entertaining! With entertaining comes the need to keep a clean and tidy home, something I learned all too well growing up in a Puerto Rican household. My mami always kept a clean home, yet, when the holidays came around, the cleaning obsession was dialed up a notch. (If you can imagine.) Our house had to be perfect – no, pristine – for holiday guests who would visit for various occasions and festivities (or just drop by for a little cafecito). And man, did we have a lengthy holiday season! Starting with Thanksgiving, we then had Nochebuena, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and finally Día de Los Reyes. I didn’t even mention the religious celebrations of Octavas and Octavitas, which could extend our holiday season until nearly the end of January! Like I said, it was a lengthy holiday season, calling for a lot of holiday entertaining and lots of cleaning.

Though we no longer celebrate such an extensive holiday season, celebrating the holidays and honoring our cultural traditions is important to our family. Our family of four may not do as much holiday entertaining as my mami did, but a clean home is still just as necessary. After all, as I look around at our Christmas decorations, they just wouldn’t look the same if our home wasn’t clean and tidy! Plus, I like being prepared for unexpected visits from friends or neighbors – such as the knock we received a couple of days ago from a neighbor delivering holiday cookies! 🙂 To help us keep our home clean during the holiday season, we take some simple steps. Keep these easy cleaning ideas in mind, so you too can make holiday entertaining a breeze this holiday season!

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The holiday season just isn’t the holiday season in Puerto Rican households if there isn’t a bottle (or more) of coquito available for sharing with friends and family. Much like what eggnog represents in many homes, coquito is the holiday drink of choice in Puerto Rico. A delicious, creamy blend of coconut, spices, and rum, each coquito recipe differs from the next, with each chef adding their own touch to this holiday recipe. While there are a variety of Puerto Rican coquito recipes for you to choose from this holiday season, you’ll definitely want at least one bottle of the classic version to enjoy on Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Check out a few recipe varieties we’ve collected and see if you can choose just one!

10 Puerto Rican Coquito Recipes

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