5 Reasons to Bring a Little IKEA Into Your Home

by Vanessa Morales on March 23, 2017 · 0 comments

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Anyone familiar with IKEA products knows they’re the most affordable, innovative ones around. If you’re not familiar with them, IKEA designers always manage to figure out how to get the most out of each item for small spaces and the new IKEA PS 2017 collection follows suit.

IKEA has come up with some very interesting, multifunctional designs, made to accommodate today’s mobile lifestyle. People are on the move a lot – more than previous generations – and with the new PS 2017 line, it can make those moves that much easier. They’ve included everything from napkins, seasoning packets, and colorful chopsticks, to foldable furniture, and everything in between! Whether you’re downsizing to a “tiny” house, road tripping, camping, or simply staying put, these items are functional for any life style, especially to help stay organized when there are little ones in tow.

IKEA PS 2017 Collection

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Retelling Beauty and the Beast

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Tale as old as time. Beauty and the Beast is a fairytale story that dates all the way back to the 1700s. Disney famously produced an animated film in 1991 that is inspired by this timeless story. Now Disney is retelling the story via a live-action film that will be in theaters on Friday, March 17.

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103 Children’s Books for Women’s History Month: Learn About Amazing Women & Moments in History!


Keeping up with various holidays and themed days or months has become a fun way for our family to learn about a variety of customs and cultures. We enjoy reading books that go with the theme or holiday, as well as making crafts or engaging in fun activities. This month is Women’s History Month, which […]

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Doctor Strange Brings Captivating Effects and Mystique to Comic Fans New & Old


The world of comic heroes and villains is one that I did not grow up with, but have come to enjoy quite a bit. Unlike my husband, I have never been a comic book reader, so I’m not very familiar with the various characters. My husband, however, grew up reading comic book after comic book, […]

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Putting It All Out There…


If I can be honest with you, friends, I will share that so far 2017 has not been treating me well. What normally kicks off a season of positive change and excitement for most people, has not been so for me. While there are many things I can be (and am) grateful for, there have […]

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